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Jul 30, 2019

Stern Pinball streams Jurassic Park.  Will this reveal show us that attaining assets for licenses is not as important as we once thought?  New designers avoiding the "sophomore slump". Best pin outside the top 100?  All this and more on episode 63 of SWL!


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Jul 23, 2019

George Gomez (VP & Chief Creative Officer - Stern Pinball) discusses Stern Pinball's approach with Star Wars Pin while the next cornerstone title is awaiting it's reveal. Ken's Stern Meteor retheme update, Drain It or Save It, and more!

Jul 16, 2019

The pinball news is getting interesting as we get ready to transition into the Fall!  Can Stern outsell the combined sales of all other manufacturers in 2020?  Can American Pinball help Dutch Pinball by manufacturing The Big Lebowski?  Who invented liquid soap and why?  This and much more on Episode 61 of...

Jul 11, 2019

Dutch Pinball offers a new solution, JJP staff comments on Wonka, Stern's next title, and more!